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North State Singles Ministry

Future Singles Events​
MAY 2021

 (open to new and returning singles)​

​DINE-OUT:   For ages 50 to early-70's. Click here for details

(for those already attending or have in the past)

SACRAMENTO RIVER FLOAT:  2 hour trip in Red Bluff.  This event is a possibility, not definite yet

​Group Rules

1. No alcohol allowed
2. Keep conversation positive (no profanity, sex talk, politics, church bashing or promoting your church)
Attend at your own risk!

Due to the restrictions put upon us all we are forced to limit attendance.  We are sorry to do this but it is for everyone's safety.   Our goal is to keep having events even if attendance is low.  

By reserving a seat and attending these events you agree to the following terms:  You hereby RELEASE and DISCHARGE its organizers, administration, and members, all liabilities and claims from any of the causes of the actions that you have or may have in the future, for injuries, sickness, damages, death, and/or economic loss without limitation of any kind at any of the events this group has, and release the organizers, providers, and others mentioned above, from all liabilites and claims therefore.
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