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Upcoming Life Support Class

How To Be A Contented Single Woman
For ages 40 to early-70's.  This class covers 10 areas that cause older single women to be unhappy with being single and includes discussion time.  Written by a woman who went from being desperate to marry to enjoying the single life.  The class emphasizes that contented women make the best marriage partners so being contented does not mean you have to remain single!  Come learn to be contented as a single and add happiness to your life.

Seminar Location: Community building in Anderson
Date of Event:  Not scheduled yet & will be once we have interest
Time:  6:45 - 8:15 p.m.
Seating limited to 4 (no social distancing available, bring a mask)
Reservations required 

If this class interests you please email us so we can schedule the class.