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Singles Events for Older Christians

We're having Fun!

by Susanne on 12/01/20

In spite of the virus the "regulars" in our group have been having a fun time since we closed the group to the public.  The public closure is only temporary until the governor reduces restrictions.  In the interim, our group has been active since November with a trip to a pumpkin farm in Red Bluff, ice cream in Red Bluff, pie social in Cottonwood, birthday dine-out in Anderson, Thanksgiving dine-out in Anderson, and for the month of December we are having a Christmas luncheon and another birthday dine-out.  In January 2021 we will be starting up our Bible Club group again which meets in Anderson.

COVID & Other Problems

by Susanne on 10/13/20

This summer has been rough on our group!  Attendance has greatly decreased due to the virus, heat, and fires.  How much more can we handle?  Hope PG&E isn't planning on turning off our electricity!  Many of us are frustrated and tired of it all.  So we made the painful decision to stop all public events until further notice.  Just trying to find a place to meet has been a chore, even the City of Anderson will not let us use their parks for a group of ten.  Until further notice we will continue only with private small group events for those who are already active.  We'll try to get a dine-out soon before restaurants get closed again, and we're looking into visiting a pumpkin patch.  If you're an active attendee please keep in contact with us if you want to attend the private events.

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