The single life
Don’t waste your life – 
learn to enjoy being single...
Lonely Singles find Jesus
      High on Jesus!

God cares about us! It's amazing what Jesus does for us to help meet our needs.

Are you lonely? Often singles have this issue because they are alone (even without Covid restrictions) and being alone too much can lead to depression. Thank God for any Christian singles group that you can find. These groups provide singles with a safe environment to enjoy life with other singles their age. Our group had  much fun this summer with small groups for swimming, eating out, and kayaking. Thank you, Jesus, for caring about unmarried people!

Ten Commandments Corner

Jesus says “If you love me keep my commandments” John 14:15.  Because I love Jesus I will do as He asks.  The 10 commandments will not save me, but they are important because they show me how to love God and people, and what sin is.

Commandment # 9
“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Exodus 20:16

Jesus refers to lying as an abomination. See Proverbs 6:16, 17. But this commandment in Exodus is especially referring to lying in court or at a deposition in order to make another person look bad. Proverbs 3:30 states that we should not strive to cause trouble for someone who has done us no harm. We may dislike someone but that is no reason to ruin their reputation by lying about them. Christians are called to love one another, and lying about a person’s reputation shows intent to do harm, which is anything but love.

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Unmarried and Unfulfilled?

Sometimes we single people experience the loneliness of being alone and the feeling that our life is a waste because we are unmarried. We long for human companionship and we may not live up to our potential because we are waiting for someone else to give meaning to our lives.

Truly living is making the most of the life you have today. If you are single, it means enjoying your singleness today. There are no guarantees that tomorrow will bring a companion, and the mature person will accept and flourish in the environment they are in today.

Don't waste your life, learn to enjoy being single. Instead of sitting at home alone, get involved in community projects that help people. This will open doors for you to reach your true potential and will give fulfillment. Making others happy will make you happy.

To ease loneliness, find a social group to join and be friendly. Our friendship group is a great place to start.  It has people who are adjusting to the single life and enjoying it.  
Jesus is single too!
Struggling with sexual sins?
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Singles, Jesus must come first in your life!  Don't put finding a marriage partner or a high paying job above Jesus.  Without Jesus in your marriage your relationship could be like war.  Without Jesus as your job coach you risk not having the wisdom to pick the best job.  Jesus knows your needs, He knows what you want.  Trust Him to supply your needs by talking to Him about your desires and reading the Bible, His Word, to learn about the life Jesus wants you to live.
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What is the best use of a single person's time?making money
looking for a spouse
spreading the gospel
serving God & others
spending time with pets
having fun
furthering your education
Celebrate your singleness!