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Let’s pretend for a moment….Let’s pretend that you are a god. A great and very rich god. A god that has lots of power to do whatever needs to be done. Let’s pretend that you are a social god so you created some creatures that look like a dog to enjoy life with and to share in your wealth. You developed a system of laws for these dogs to keep so they would know what was expected of them. But one day, one of the dogs rebelled against you and in order to have harmony in the great castle you live in, you had to send this rebel to a dog-house to live far away from you. But because of your love for this rebel dog you want to restore the relationship you once had. So you turn yourself into a dog and leave your majestic riches to go live with the rebel dog and give your life for the dog.

That’s what Jesus did for us!!   At Christmas time we celebrate His birth as a human being. He left a majestic paradise, ruling as the living God, to come down to our simple earth to be a human, just because He loves us so much and wants to restore our relationship to Him. Now that makes Christmas exciting!

Ten Commandments Corner

Jesus says “If you love me keep my commandments” John 14:15.  Because I love Jesus I will do as He asks.  The 10 commandments will not save me, but they are important because they show me how to love God and people, and what sin is.

Commandment # 10
“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.” Exodus 20:17

Jesus wants us to be happy and at peace with life. How can we be happy when we compare ourselves with our neighbor and notice that they have things that we don’t have. How can we be happy when we feel a need to compete with a neighbor? If they drive home with a brand new vehicle, do you feel jealous? Do you feel bitter when your neighbor marries the best looking person in town and you can’t even get a date? As Christians we need to learn to be content with what God has given us at that moment, because contentment helps us to be happy.

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Unmarried and Unfulfilled?

Sometimes we single people experience the loneliness of being alone and the feeling that our life is a waste because we are unmarried. We long for human companionship and we may not live up to our potential because we are waiting for someone else to give meaning to our lives.

Truly living is making the most of the life you have today. If you are single, it means enjoying your singleness today. There are no guarantees that tomorrow will bring a companion, and the mature person will accept and flourish in the environment they are in today.

Don't waste your life, learn to enjoy being single. Instead of sitting at home alone, get involved in community projects that help people. This will open doors for you to reach your true potential and will give fulfillment. Making others happy will make you happy.

To ease loneliness, find a social group to join and be friendly. Our friendship group is a great place to start.  It has people who are adjusting to the single life and enjoying it.  
Jesus is single too!
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Singles, Jesus must come first in your life!  Don't put finding a marriage partner or a high paying job above Jesus.  Without Jesus in your marriage your relationship could be like war.  Without Jesus as your job coach you risk not having the wisdom to pick the best job.  Jesus knows your needs, He knows what you want.  Trust Him to supply your needs by talking to Him about your desires and reading the Bible, His Word, to learn about the life Jesus wants you to live.
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What is the best use of a single person's time?making money
looking for a spouse
spreading the gospel
serving God & others
spending time with pets
having fun
furthering your education
Celebrate your singleness!