Singles Group News
October 2018

If you're not on Facebook you may join our group through the Bible Club.  This group meets monthly on a Friday night for a free supper and non-denominational Bible study.  We have between 5 to 8 singles attending.

Our Facebook group has many good people on it.  We screen potential members by looking for sexual and violent content on their personal Facebook page.  This helps to keep our group respectful and filled with people you will want to meet.  At this time we have around 57 Facebook members.

Because our Bible Club is small it means everyone is friendly with everyone.  It makes the group fun and very talkative.  We would love to add more singles to either the Facebook group or the Bible Club so if you enjoy mingling with other singles who are middle-aged and younger seniors, come join our group.  

Please see the About Us page for more information on our group ministry for singles.  
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