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North State Singles Ministry

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​If you want to join our small group study for senior singles in Anderson, CA please send an email to:

 [email protected]om

​The small group study is closed for the holidays and will resume in January 2019.

Be prepared to respond to the following requirements:

    1.  I am aged 50 to 75.
    2.  I am NOT using the group to mate seek.
     3.  I understand that attendance could be 5 to 8 singles and I am comfortable in a small group.
​     4. I am willing to provide my first & last name, age, city I live in, and contact info such as an email 
        or phone number.

Please read the "About Us" page for basic details about this group.

I love our singles group!

Hurray!  Another member for our singles ministry!
North State Singles Ministry