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North State Singles Ministry

On Facebook?  
Please follow our FB group  

​If you are not on Facebook, live in Shasta County or Tehama County of California,
 and want to join our small group study or the Senior Fellowship for ages 50 to early-70's 

please send an email to:

 [email protected]

If you are joining the BIBLE STUDY group be prepared to respond to the following requirements:

    1.  I understand that most singles attending are in the 50-60's age range.
    2.  I understand that attendance could be 6 to 8 singles and I am comfortable in a small group.
​     3.  I understand the Bible study group is NOT designed for mate seeking.

    4.  I am willing to provide my first & last name, age, city I live in, and contact info such as an email 
        or phone number.

Please read the "About Us" page for basic details.

I love our singles group!

Hurray!  Another member for our singles ministry!
North State Singles Ministry