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North State Singles Ministry's Events

​If you live in Shasta County or Tehama County of California,
 and want to attend our study group or the Senior Fellowship for 
ages 50 to early-70's 

please send an email to:

For those joining the BIBLE STUDY group here are some things to know:

1.  Most of those attending are ages 55-73
2.  No guarantee on attendance, & seating is limited to 13.
3.  The Bible study is NOT a mate seeking group. It is for seeking God.
4.  We will need your name and contact info in case we cancel.

For those joining the SENIOR FELLOWSHIP here are some things to know:

1. If you are looking for a date do not expect to find one by attending once.  
    You need to have regular attendance and get to know people first.
2. This is for social people who like being in a group.

Please see the EVENT link for details

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