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Bored with Life?
Many single people are searching for something better.  Their lives consist of employment, sleeping, eating, and commuting to work.  Isn't there more to life than that, they ask?
Tired of life?  No reason to live?  Want something better but nothing seems to work?

Is Your Life on Hold?
Have you stopped living life because you are waiting for someone else to give your life meaning?
Poor and Disabled?
Do you think you are too disabled and too poor to have a useful life?
What does "get a life" mean?

Most Americans think the answer is one of the following:
Having it All
means a new car every 5 years, a nice house, a good looking spouse, lots of money and vacations, and having lots of things, lots of possessions.
Doing it All
means trying everything from new sexual encounters to learning different sports.  This person is busy tasting what the world has 
to offer.
If these are the true means of having an exciting life, then Jesus missed the mark because that is so opposite of anything He taught while on earth or found in His book, the Bible.

For the Christian, Jesus promises an abundant life.  Not just when we get to heaven, but also here on this earth. Jesus does not think like we humans do so His definition of an exciting life is so radical.

Jesus' definition of an exciting life is

Service to others is what life is about.  Jesus came as a human to our world to serve.  Read about it in the gospels for yourself.  For Christians, Jesus is our example and He led a selfless life.  While on earth He spent His days healing people of physical and emotional illness.  He did whatever He could to lessen suffering and when He went through villages there wasn't a sick person left.  When He wasn't healing He spent His time teaching the common people the principles of His kingdom.  Because of the pompous religious leaders, the people did not understand the scriptures and were taught church traditions instead of simple Bible truth.  Jesus taught the people that life is about giving your heart to God, repenting of sin, making Him Lord of your life, and living to bless others, instead of engaging in religious ceremonies as a means to get to heaven which the religious rulers were teaching.

Is it that simple?
Yes, true Bible religion is not complicated.  We are born to serve and the sooner you find your service niche the sooner you will "get a life".

What would it be like if everyone in the world led an unselfish other-centered life?  How happy people would be!  It could eliminate suicide.  Everyone would have a reason for living and would feel useful regardless of whether they were dirt poor or bedbound. 
Every one of us can reach out and help others no matter who we are or our physical condition.

I remember a story of a bedbound woman who could do nothing except listen to the radio.  She started listening to a talk show where callers would call in to ask questions.  When she heard a caller ask a question she thought she could contribute to, she called in and soon she was busy helping people through the radio with their problems.  Eventually people started asking for her phone number so they could call her directly.  This is a perfect example of using your talents to bless others.

How can you find your service niche?

1.  Pray about it, asking Jesus to guide you to the “work” He has for you.

2.  Examine your talents.  What are you good at?

3.  Identify your interests.  What touches your heart or excites you?

4.  Look at the needs around you, and ask yourself what you can do to make a    
     difference in your community or in the world.

Then blend all the answers together and see what door opens.

Service Ideas
Collect clothes for the homeless. 
Make sack lunches for the homeless. 
Put on a religious service for the homeless in a park.
Pass gospel of John pocket books out to truckers you meet (buy ones especially
designed for truckers at The Pocket Testament League ).
Create layettes for mothers having babies at the local hospital.  Include a child rearing book.  
Put on a weekly Bible school for children in a local park or get permission to do it in an 
apartment complex that has a grassy area and lots of kids.  Sing & teach Bible stories.
Call the activity department of the local nursing home for volunteer opportunities.
If you live in the big city, drive the freeway looking for disabled vehicles and ask how you can help.
Cook a meal for a poor family or buy them groceries.
Clean the yard or home of an elderly person.
Help soldiers by writing to them or making things.  See

Service can be done by you alone or in a group. Some service activities are better done with a group and it can be a lot of fun.  What talent you lack, others in your group will make up for it and you will have each other to lean on to lift your spirits and give you courage.
singles serving
Are you bored?
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Get a life!

A Note to Single Women
Men are attracted to women who are happy, fulfilled, and busy enjoying life.  If you are sitting by the phone wondering why he never calls, read this page and determine to make your life exciting.  You just might find out it brings you so much happiness that you no longer need a man!
For a Bible study on Abundant Life, click on the file below