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North State Singles Ministry

​On Facebook?  Please join through our FB group  

If you are not on Facebook please send us a message and we will assist you through email.

​Be prepared to respond to the 4 requirements for joining listed below:

    1.  I am legally single and living a single lifestyle . 
         If you are separated please wait until your divorce is final before joining.

    2.  I live in Shasta or Tehama County so I can attend events.
         Exceptions: We will accept Orland, Weaverville, and Lewiston
    3.  I am not homeless, sex offender, drug addict, or a parolee.
         Our group does not have resources to help the homeless & because children attend our group we cannot allow 
           sex offenders, drug addicts, or parolees to attend.  
    4.  I am middle-aged or a younger senior (ages 37 through 60's).  

Please read the "About Us" page for basic details about this group.

​Send email to

I love our singles group!

Hurray!  Another member for our singles ministry!
North State Singles Ministry